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The importance of shingle colors has never been more pronounced, with an expanding array of options in home exterior design. As your roof can constitute up to 40% of your home's visible exterior, it's crucial to have a diverse selection of shingle colors that complement other external elements.

Previously, choices in shingle colors were limited, but Williams Renovations LLC recognized the necessity for change. Through leveraging our color expertise, we have cultivated a palette of over 100 distinct colors. Each shingle comprises tiny colored granules on its surface, which are initially manufactured in a limited range of highly saturated colors. However, by skillfully blending these granules, we achieve a vast spectrum of colors.

Like mixing red and blue paint to create purple, combining red and blue granules doesn't yield purple granules but rather creates the illusion of purple when observed on a roof.

Moreover, we employ these principles to impart depth and dimension to roofs. Shingles are intentionally designed with a variety of similar colors, such as various shades of gray blended with black, to enhance the visual texture and depth of the roof.

Through our deep experience in design and manufacturing, we've developed the exclusive TruDefinition color platform, offering unique shingle colors that align with every exterior color trend, ensuring you have a roof you'll truly love.

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